Case Studies

In this section you can draw inspiration from a selection of 17 examples of farms across Europe that represent a wide range of best practices in the implementation of innovative financing schemes in the farming sector. Through this section you will learn from real experiences, reading about farmer’s problems related to financing and how they solved them. Learning from existing experiences will surely inspire you!

Selected case studies represent a small fragment of all the success stories existing in Europe. The cases that you will find below have been selected as a whole to ensure that there is a variety of examples and situations, while also providing different perspectives on how to solve problems related to financing and the innovative tools used.

In addition to the general information and facts about the farmer and the farm, the case studies also focus on financing and access to funding and related training needs. The results were summarised in a structured way, so that a comprehensive picture of the farmers and the financing tools used is showed.

In this section you will find a selector that can be used to browse through the 17 selected farms. You can filter the cases by country and by innovative financing product, following the categories identified in the Catalogue. The section provides also the possibility to select the case on an interactive map where all examples are geolocated.

In order to select the case studies according to the innovative financing product involved, click on the drop-down list of the selector and choose from the list one option: cooperative, consumer purchase groups, others, associative forms of financing, agricultural land leasing contract, business angel, investment fund, foundation, direct loans, solidarity-based agriculture, animal leasing or crowdlending. Once the preferred option is selected, click on ‘SUBMIT’ and both the map and the list of cases will only show the cases that are related to that innovative financing product. To go back and see all cases again, please click on the ‘RESET’ button.