Guidelines for the use of the training platform

The FARMINFIN project provides farmers with knowledge, skills and competences to implement innovative financing means tailored adequately for their own farm, entrepreneurial approach and personal circumstances.

To achieve this goal, the different components of the learning platform follow a logical structure. The platform is structured in such a way that the user can gradually improve his/her knowledge and skills. This structure can also be found in the general menu of the platform (see header menu).

In order to make the most of the potential of this learning platform, it is recommended that you follow this structure (but you can switch between the categories at any time).

You will notice that many of the contents are also interlinked within the platform.

You can change the language (English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish) at any time and on any page of the learning platform.

After you have read this INTRODUCTION with guidelines for the use of the platform, you will find a detailed overview of the actual situation of innovative financing in family Farming in Europe in the
SUMMARY GUIDE. The guide (available in seven languages) can be downloaded in pdf format, as well as the research results used to produce it.
In the next step of this training pathway, you will find the CATALOGUE, a practical section where you can find not only a list of the main subsidies lines and general financing products, but also the financing products adapted to agriculture and more importantly, a large catalogue of the main products of alternative or innovative financing illustrated with a diagram showing the actors involved and the relationships between them.
The CASE STUDIES section gathers 17 best practices related to alternative ways of financing in the farming sector, from which you will have the opportunity of learning through real successful experiences.
Finally, after the overview of the variety of possibilities to access to funding, there are five TRAINING MODULES which are plenty of tips and suggestions on how to access funding, from the generation of a business idea, identifying needs related to funding and creating the financial planning, to the design and implementation of a business plan, a communication and marketing strategy and the design of innovative financing models. To check the competences acquired, you will have the chance to take a self-assessment test included in the contents of each module.

For all components of the learning platform, information is provided in a comprehensive and user-friendly design. Alternatively, all results of the FARMINFIN project can be easily downloaded as pdf-file.