Training Modules

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You have reached the FARMINFIN training modules section.

The training modules below have a lot of relevant information if your goal is to learn about innovative farm financing. Be aware of the skills and knowledge necessary for implementing new and innovative tools of financing as well as the way to adapt them to your farm’s reality.

Before looking at each module, you will find an overview of the contents with a short introduction to the topic and the learning objectives.

Please go through this introduction before starting with the contents of the module. Depending on your needs and skills, we propose to you the following options for using the modules.

  • You can quickly browse through the five modules to get an overview of the content and then have a second, deeper look at the topics which you really need to know.
  • You can go through all the modules step by step, as the content has been compiled from the main challenges and topics identified during the FARMINFIN project and, therefore, a broad range of important knowledge is provided. Not everything will be relevant to your current situation – but maybe it will be in the future.
  • You can go through the modules on your own or do it in a group and exchange your findings or opinions about the information provided.

We selected the topics and created the training modules so that they can be used by farmers all over Europe so they can provide as much benefit to a variety of readers as possible. The training modules will give a wide range of general information about innovative financing means and skills to tailor them adequately for your own farm, entrepreneurial approach and personal circumstance. We recommend you study the courses intensively and not rush through them.

To make it easier for farmers to work with the modules, all five units follow the same structure. After the introduction and learning objectives, you will find an index that will indicate you the main contents of the modules. In the same section you will be able to download a PDF version of the module, so in case you prefer to read the contents offline this will be a suitable option. Each module has an initial test to check your knowledge on the topic prior the reading of the content, and a final test to ensure that you understood the contents adequately.

  • The Introduction gives you a brief overview on the module’s main topics and learning objectives dealing with this training module.
  • Index shows the specific chapters of the training content. Browse one of the four chapters or follow the order of the sub-topics.
  • The initial test will assess your prior knowledge of the subject with three random questions.
  • The final test uses a short quiz to assess the knowledge learnt in the chapters and to fix concepts and better relate the contents of the module to your own project or situation.
  • References & Links: This section provides a selection of literature and interesting links for further reading on the particular topics of the module.

The use of the modules is facilitated by an intuitive navigation. The knowledge acquired in the five training modules can be complemented with contents from other sections of the training platform which include information on the situation of innovative financing in the agricultural sector in Europe and case studies that will allow you to see how the concepts learnt are applied in real contexts. If you have not previously browsed through the other sections we invite you to visit them in advance.